What does Cazoo’s potential £6bn merger mean for Villa?

Cazoo is one of the fastest-growing companies in Britain, so it’s no surprise that a £6 billion merger is on the cards with Ajax I. According to reports, this Sky News post says that the business created and run by owner Alex Chesterman is in talks with a leading name in American finance and technology that recently floated for $750 million on the New York Stock Exchange.

Villa fans will be interested in the developments because they potentially impact the club’s main sponsorship deal. With things going so well, supporters want everything to carry on as usual. Whether they will or not depends on the following circumstances.

More Investment

The best scenario for Villans would be more investment from a brand that is flourishing in its industry. Currently, Villa has a three-year deal worth around £25 million, which is a lot of money considering the likes of United command upwards of £50 and £60 million. Villa, of course, are much smaller, even though we are one of the biggest sides in the Premier League.

Further investment would help Dean Smith and his support group pick out players that could take Villa to the next level in the 2021/22 season. And it doesn’t appear unlikely, seeing as the used car company has already raised £450 million from the likes of Fidelity and General Catalyst. This is highly unusual and goes to show the demand for the brand at this current period.

Hopefully, this means that Cazoo’s exposure is limited, and the business’s desire to continue sponsoring teams in the Premier League and English Football League isn’t diminished. After all, that would be a very powerful omen for the year to come when the squad will be looking to build on a successful campaign that has seen them avoid relegation and fight for the European places.

New Sponsors

On the flip side of the coin, Cazoo might decide that Aston Villa is an unnecessary risk. If you aren’t aware, they already have deals with the EFL and are in plans to sponsor Rugby World Cup plans in the future. An article by Insider Sport reports that the company is sponsoring Everton to the tune of £27 million.

Cazoo is clearly keen to raise brand awareness, yet it could recognise the profitability in other teams and leagues in Europe and the world. In this case, Villa would require a Chief sponsor that was capable of investing the same amount of money. Thankfully, there are options, particularly from an online casino point of view. Remote casinos have revenues in the billions, which means they would have the capital to cover any potential losses.

More importantly, the industry’s growth doesn’t appear to be slowing, as highlighted by the size of bonuses and welcome offers on display at Bonusfinder, for example. This article by Bonusfinder on no deposit free spins on card registration even talks about how platforms are giving players rewards for simply registering a payment card, something that pretty much every customer can do today. With the sector expanding as quickly as the used vehicle market, it could be an avenue for Villa’s hierarchy to exploit.

Those are the two potential consequences of Cazoo’s merger with Ajax I. Either way, the future looks bright for a side that was in the Championship a couple of years ago.

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