Villa could face tough competition for Suarez signature

Steven Gerrard wants to bring back Aston Villa to the top of the English Premier League in the shortest possible time, which is why the former European champions plan to have a very active transfer window. One of the targets is Luis Suarez, who used to play with Gerrard in Liverpool.

The days when Gerrard used to chase the trophies at Anfield are long gone. While the Reds stand as favourites to win the continental trophy according to the most recent Champions League betting odds, Villa can only look on and admire at this moment in time. That is why one of the best midfielders in the history of England wants to strengthen the squad and make it more competitive.

Villa Needing Scoring Depth

Per various sources, Suarez is Villa’s top priority this summer. The Uruguayan veteran already had a farewell to Atletico Madrid and the fans, and that immediately started a debate about his future. Villa is one of the biggest favourites for landing the two-time Golden Boot.

The Villans need experience upfront and also a deeper rotation. The English Premiership is one of the most demanding competitions in the world, and once added that the team needs to participate in the FA and the English Football League Cup, it is easy to understand why Gerrard wants more quality players. Especially because Villa has better chances to reach the trophy through those two competitions than through EPL.

Despite nearing his 36th birthday, Suarez is still useful. He played for Atletico in the past two years, scoring 32 goals in 66 La Liga matches. The most important thing during his tenure at Wanda Metropolitano, Atletico managed to win the Spanish title besides Real and Barcelona, which is a fantastic achievement. In this year’s UEFA Champions League, they suffered elimination in the quarterfinals to Man City after a ferocious fight.

Suarez has been a very influential piece of Diego Simeone’s puzzle. Not only did he score some of the essential goals in the title quest, but he was a very good mentor to young Joao Felix. Villa has several young strikers who crave some guidelines and advice, so having Suarez present would also benefit them.

Though, it won’t be easy to sign the veteran as several other European powerhouses want his services. Barcelona, Ajax, and Inter Milan are in the mix. The chances of him landing in Barca or Amsterdam are higher than in Inter, as he already played at Camp Nou and Amsterdam Arena.

Others in the Mix

Xavi is rebuilding Blaugrana, and he needs experience; that’s why he already signed Dani Alves. Ajax is in the same position, with a bunch of talented players who require a mentor on the field. He already knows the system and the whole organization, and it wouldn’t be hard for him to adjust. Also, we can’t neglect Suarez’s scoring abilities, which are still at a very high level.

Inter is interested in signing Suarez as the replacement for Edin Dzeko or Lautaro Martinez, who could be out this summer.

Gerrard and Villa have their advantages in this story as well. Gerrard was Suarez’s captain from the time when they played in Liverpool. The Uruguayan became the best striker in the world back then, winning the Golden Boot and establishing himself as one of the biggest football stars. Also, there is one more link here: Philippe Coutinho.

The Brazilian was maybe the main reason for Suarez’s meteoric rise, as he orchestrated Liverpool’s game back at the time. The two were unstoppable, developing incredible chemistry on the field. Coutinho would, later on, join Suarez in Barcelona but never quite manage to reach his full potential in Spain. Still, these two share a strong friendship outside the field, and the 29-year-old midfielder could be the x-factor in the race for Suarez’s signature.

The Uruguayan’s contract officially expires in July, meaning that there is not much time for Villa and Gerrard to react.

Original Source: A Villa Fan

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