Aston Villa Records and Statistics


The current season is Aston Villa’s 138th in professional football. It is also the club’s 102nd top flight season as well as its 25th successive season in the esteemed Premier League. Aston Villa is only one of the three clubs that became one of the founding members of the Football League (1888 – 1889) and the Premier League (1992 -1993). The exalted club became runner-up in both leagues which is an inimitable record. The Aston Villa Football Club is a winner of the inaugural Football League Club (1960 -1961). It is only one of the two teams that won the championship and Football Association in just one season which is known as the “Double”. This was from 1896 – 1897 and 1960 – 1961.

Aston Villa is said to be the only “consistently achieving club” in the Midlands. More importantly, the club set the standards for which English football has earned its mark in the world of international sports. In 1913, the Evening News published the following about this football club: “Aston Villa is the biggest news on the football canvas. It is, in fact, a household word – one of the few that the game has produced.”

Records show that Aston Villa is the fifth most decorated club in English football history.
It also has 19 major domestic honours and seven league championships. Villa is one of just five English clubs which won the European Cup. It also defeated Barcelona during the European Super Club (1982 – 1983).

All-Time Records of Aston Villa Club

Attendance – 76,588 during the Football Association FA Cup R6
January 3, 1946
Game versus Derby County
Gate Receipts – 1,067,620 during the Football Association FA Cup SF
March 31, 1996
Chelsea versus Manchester United
Best League Win Division 1
December 3, 1892
Game versus Accrington Stanley
Biggest Home League Win: Aston Villa versus Cardiff City 5 – 0 April 2, 2011
Biggest Home League Defeat: Aston Villa versus Manchester City 0 – 5 October 20, 2011
Biggest League Win away from Home: Aston Villa versus Bolton Wanderers 6 – 1 September 19, 2009
Biggest League Loss away from Home: Aston Villa versus Birmingham City 0 – 4 October 10, 2009
Biggest Cup Win: Aston Villa versus Leeds United 6 – 0 March 15, 2010
Biggest Cup Defeat: Aston Villa versus Newcastle United 5 – 0 March 22, 2010
Highest Scoring League Game: Aston Villa versus Everton 6 – 3 September 11, 2011
Highest Scoring Cup Game: Aston Villa versus Notts County 6 – 1 August 16, 2010
Major League Games won in a row: 5 – 3 April 17, 2010
Current League Games won in a row: None on the record
Most League Games unbeaten in a row: 14 – 3 March 2010 to April 17, 2010
Current League Games unbeaten in a row: 2 – 13 February to 16 February 2013