Aston Villa Kits and Crests






Explanation regarding the Claret

The body of the Aston Villa kit has been claret with blue sleeves and for the most part, partnered with white shorts since 1893. Almost a century later (1970), modern shirts and sports items manufacturers started to inspire designs. Unorthodox shirt logos were imprinted on the shirt. The shirt designs have changed considerably in accordance with the new breed of manufacturers and successive shirt sponsorships.

Current Crest

The AVFC Lettering

The two letters F and C were brought back after being taken away from the previous badge and upon the request of a huge number of fans.

Aston Villa is fully aware that modern clubs offer a wide range of products and services. The desire of the Club is to develop a solid foundation and that above all things, Aston Villa will always be a Football Club.

Crest Shape

There was a lot of debate regarding the alleged shape of a new crest. There were different reactions and conflicting opinions regarding the choice of whether to go for the circular shape or traditional shield.

The new shield looks like the crest that decorated the roof of the old Trinity Road Stand. It gives a balanced perspective of the Aston Villa. It epitomizes both the past and present but still manages to provide a unique and contemporary twist. The heraldic shape of the shield symbolizes the family coat of arms which is absolutely not incidental or inadvertent. This shape suggests the desire to reconnect with all stakeholders.

Unified lion

The legendary lion has assumed a different look. Gone is the fragmented image seen on previous Villa badges. The lion is now proud, looking to the future and unified – signalling the desire for togetherness.

Crest Colours

The striped backdrop, which can be seen in the old badge, was replaced by a solid blue background. This particular shade stands for honesty and loyalty. These two virtues form an essential part of the new brand framework.

Bright Star

The addition of a white star may just be a minor change although the significance is quite extensive. This star glows vibrantly as acknowledgment of the Aston Villa’s finest hour in the club’s very interesting 133-year history.

The most important part of the information campaign is to generate awareness that the Aston Club bagged the European Cup by beating Bayern Munich in Rotterdam on May 26, 1982.

This is a permanent reminder of this victorious occasion and an indication that the future goal of this Club is to play Champions League football for another time.

Motto: Always Prepared

Aston Villa have always been “Prepared”. This motto is more appropriate than ever as new challenges begin to come up.
Club colors are made up of sky blue sleeves, white shorts with claret and blue trim and sky blue socks with claret and white trim.